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The Sacrifice, is a sculptural tree installation inspired by the dead tree Alexander is watering in the beginning sequence of Andreij Tarkovsky’s film The Sacrifice.

The story of the tree tells the legend of Ioann Kolov, pupil of an Orthodox monk named Pamve, who was ordered by his master to climb a mountain every day, to water a dead tree he had planted, until the tree came back to life, which, after three years, it did.

The legend is carved into the dead tree trunk. The installation also consists of stuffed migratory birds and from the ceiling are hanging black painted leaves in different length from metal chains.

The project centers around the gap between the way things are and the way we long for them to be.

Andrei Tarkovsky

Diary 1970-1986 (Cahiers du Cinéma)

March 5, 1982

Abba Isaac, Lives of the Fathers

One day an old native of Thivanda, one named Pavve, planted a dried tree on the mountain and ordered Johannes Kolobos to water the dry tree every day with a bucket of water until it bore fruit. But there was only water very far away: you had to leave in the morning, then come back with water in the evening. Towards the end of the third year the tree revived and bore fruit.

The old man picked a fruit, took it to the church and said: Come and taste the fruit of obedience.