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The project Point of View reflects on some of the large societal changes in the growing art village, Caochiangdi in Beijing 2008. With the prestigious Swiss-owned Galerie Urs Meile as a starting position, Hermansen highlights the contrast between the growing interest in contemporary art-capitalism, and the labor conditions for migrant workers building the infrastructure around the new international art scene. 

Through the film Construction/Deconstruction we observe an opening party at the prestigious art Gallery exhibiting societal-critical paintings, with a western oriented art crowd. Outside we observe the construction workers building across the street. Their temporary home is built on the protective wall surrounding the gallery territory. Two drastically opposing parallel realities lives side by side by side without any contact.

Point of View visualizes complex stories filled with paradoxes, contrasts and meta-realities.

The exhibition consists of a a video called Point of view depicting life passing by outside the migration workers home seen from their visual view point. 22 photos, a money tree, and an installation of 100 hand-knitted Chines shoes. 

Film - Point of Veiw 2009 (7:41 min)

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Photography & documentation

Point of View