I will, is an artistic manifesto for the public space. The project consists of 20 statements printed on 20 flags, a video and a publication. The statements are referring to how to act and react during times of injustice and tyranny and is inspirated by Historian Timothy Snyder’s publication On Tyranny, twenty lessons from the 20th Century.

Beginning with I will, each statement is presented as personalized promises and commitments to the self and the society at large. At the same time the statements questions how to protect life, society and democratic foundations from an individual and subjective point of view.

Playing with the relationship between the I as a messenger and you as a receiver, the spectator embodies the content of the I will, and thereby is invited to take an intellectual and emotional position through its contents.

Miming an authoritarian aesthetic, the project seeks to politicize the public sphere through a personal covenant that is political yet poetic, and sometimes utopian at its best and worst.

Design: Claudia C. Sandor, video editing: Rune Hov

Kunsthall 3,14 "I will" 19. November 2022 - 2. April 2023

I WILL, Installation view Galleri F 15 May 28th. - October 5th. 2022

Soft Gallery 16. september – 17. oktober 2021