I WILL SEE YOU WHEN THE SUN RISE is an artistic manifesto for the public space.

The publication presents the public flagproject conssting of twenty statements referring to how to act and react during times of injustice and tyranny.

Beginning with I WILL, the statements question how to protect life, society, and democratic foundations from an individual and subjective point of view.

ISBN 978-82690650-2-2                                                                                                                                        NOK 200 / Euro 20

Apology explores the contested landscape of Northern Scandinavia where economic, environmental and cultural values clash. Sámi peoples ancient culture of nature preservation stands in contrast to the mining industries exploitation of the land.

Apology draws on King Harald´s official apology to the Sámi people in his speech at the inauguration of the Sámi Parliament in 1997. By doing so, King Harald exercised a political act, surpassing his constitutional role as King of Norway - one which is meant to be aymbolic ans non-political.

Siri Hermansen´s art practice deals with power issues related to national politics and global capitalism. Through presented projects Terra Nullius and APology, this book aims to reflect on the ongoing conflicts involving Sámi culture and reindeer herding against the mining industry and the capitalist colonisation of nation states.

ISBN 978-82-690650-1-5                                                                                                                          NOK 300 / Euro 30

THE ECONOMY OF SURVIVAL presents site-specific projects from Chernobyl, Detroit and Israel/Palestine by the Norwegian artist Siri Hermansen. The book offers a rich collection of material that reflects on social, environmental and socio-political aspects of our society today.

Situated at the intersection of art, documentary and anthropology, Hermansen investigates un foreseen affects in societies that are undergoing deep economic, environmental and political changes.

Hermansen offers unusual micro perspectives on strategies for survival and processes of adaption in societies that can be considered as uncertain zones.

ISBN 978-82-690650-0-8                                                                                                                       NOK 300 / Euro 30